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The Montgomery County Tax League strives to provide information on the latest issues impacting the residents of Montgomery County, MD. If you would like to suggest a current issue which our members should be aware of, please contact us.

We need to have a business friendly attitude

March 22, 2020


Montgomery County’s high wealth and low unemployment rate mask economic disparities as well as other warning signs, such as slow business growth and problems with office vacancies. Maintaining and improving our quality of life depends on a strong local economy. We need to have a business friendly attitude and incubate the next generation of job creators.

Check out Montgomery County Economic statistics

Here’s why three county unions are receiving generous raises

March 18, 2019

From by Adam Pagnucco:

“County Executive Marc Elrich has given the county’s largest labor union its most generous contract in recent memory.  And he has paid for it with a one-time diversion from retiree health care money, leaving huge uncertainty on how his labor contracts will be funded in the future….MCGEO, the police union and the career firefighters all endorsed Elrich.  MCGEO additionally contributed $60,000 to the Progressive Maryland Liberation Alliance PAC, a mostly labor-funded super PAC which supported Elrich and opposed David Blair and Nancy Floreen.  Because Elrich was in public campaign financing, he could not accept a direct check from MCGEO….Elrich defeated Blair in the primary election by 77 votes.  MCGEO President Gino Renne told his shop stewards, ‘Marc Elrich won the primary thanks to our shoe leather.'”

Could Maryland be less blatantly business-averse?

March19, 2019

From the Maryland Public Policy Institute, an article by Carol Park:

“From mandatory paid sick leave to a proposed $15 minimum wage, Maryland has never been the friendliest state for restaurant owners. Now, Maryland is about to become the first state in the country to ban carryout food containers made from polystyrene, commonly called Styrofoam.”

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