Economic Underperformance in Montgomery County

From a new report on the health of Montgomery County’s economy:

“Between January 2001 (the beginning of the data series) to September 2017 (the most recent month for which data are available), Montgomery County added 26,459 jobs. That translates into 6.0 percent growth in  the number of jobs supported by the county’s economy.  Over that same period, Maryland’s total employment expanded 12.2 percent and the nation added 10.7 percent to its job totals. In other words, despite representing approximately one-sixth of Maryland’s population and a quarter of its household income, Montgomery County created fewer than 1 in 10 net new Maryland jobs between early-2001 and the fall 2017.”

The report—“The Coming Storm: How Years of Economic Underperformance are
Catching up with Montgomery County”—was done by the
Sage Policy Group for Empower Montgomery and is available here.


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