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Post: “Montgomery’s inspector general says county officials have interfered”

Did top county officials obstruct the gun investigation? Yes, says the IG: Montgomery County’s inspector general said Tuesday that unnamed county officials have withheld information and interfered with several investigations by his office, including some that have proved embarrassing for county government. Read the full article at the Washington Post ยป

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MoCo IG: “Waste and Abuse” in Gun Program

The County’s Investigator General released a report uncovering $600,000 in no-bid contracts for police “training”: Montgomery County awarded more than $600,000 in no-bid payments to nine companies that had ties to county police officers and were part of a controversial tuition-assistance program, Montgomery’s inspector general said in a report released Monday….Inspector General Thomas J. Dagley…

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Gun Coupons

The county improperly subsidized the purchase of private firearms: The weapons classes were set up by a firm with ties to a Montgomery police officer. Fellow officers enrolled in the classes, and their tuition was paid by the county’s tuition assistance program. A suit filed by the county Wednesday accused the firm and officer who…

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