“George Griffin Out as Director of Department of Liquor Control”

From Bethesda Beat of January 29, 2016:

“George Griffin is no longer the director of Montgomery County’s Department of Liquor Control (DLC)….Patrick Lacefield, a spokesman for the county, confirmed Griffin was leaving the department.  “It’s time for a change,” Lacefield said. “There’s going to be a national search to replace him.”

“When asked if Griffin’s departure had to do with the problems at the department that have been detailed during County Council committee meetings and news reports over the past year, Lacefield said, “It is what it is.”

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  1. Rain on May 14, 2016 at 10:15 am

    can’t agree more, but lets not forget that it’ll always go back to how the majority of people are, you can’t have wise public servant when the people only care about &#1gp0;2leasurin2․ themselves, the majority has to at least have an average political awareness to keep reminding politicians that they’re the public’s servants and not the other way around. Educating people is the hardest way but it sure is the real long term solution, political awareness has to become a tradition IMHO.

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