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Should Montgomery County be in the Liquor Business?

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  1. Gordie Brenne

    At a time when we have $100M in projected current and FY 16 revenue shortfalls, we need new revenue sources. Privatizing liquor distribution could generate $30 million in additional revenues from wholesaler franchise fees and property taxes- that’s in addition to the $20 million we now get from DLC “profits” (so called “profits” are really just deferred retail development and distribution system improvements for impaired assets on the books like truck fleet additions- itemized in DLC’s strategic plan this summer). DLC liquidation would also provide a one-time benefit of $50 million.

  2. Steven Raisch

    I would like to add my name in support of your call for Montgomery County to get out of the liquor business. I have written some of the Council members about dropping DLC and I was disappointed in not receiving a response from any of them.. I can’t support any elected official who allows this agency to stay open.

    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of this issue.

  3. Marc King

    Please add me to the growing list of supporters who would like to see this organization dissolved, allowing the free market / commercial entities take over the sale and distribution of liquor in MoCo. With a $69M operating budget this money that could be better spent on needed county programs.

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