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Should Montgomery County be in the Liquor Business?

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  1. Gordie Brenne

    At a time when we have $100M in projected current and FY 16 revenue shortfalls, we need new revenue sources. Privatizing liquor distribution could generate $30 million in additional revenues from wholesaler franchise fees and property taxes- that’s in addition to the $20 million we now get from DLC “profits” (so called “profits” are really just deferred retail development and distribution system improvements for impaired assets on the books like truck fleet additions- itemized in DLC’s strategic plan this summer). DLC liquidation would also provide a one-time benefit of $50 million.

  2. Steven Raisch

    I would like to add my name in support of your call for Montgomery County to get out of the liquor business. I have written some of the Council members about dropping DLC and I was disappointed in not receiving a response from any of them.. I can’t support any elected official who allows this agency to stay open.

    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of this issue.

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