Questions for meeting of October 17, 2018

Presentation:   “Department of Liquor Control:

                               Are Major Improvements Making a Difference?”

Speaker:         Robert Dorfman, Director

                             Department of Liquor Control

                             Montgomery County

1.  A few years ago, Montgomery County was dead last in the state for liquor and beer per capita sales?  Has the situation changed since your tenure and by how much?

2.  How has the DLC improved its service to the restaurant business?  Would privatization of the DLC help or hurt this business?

3.  How has/will investments in truck fleet and warehouse upgrades improve productivity, and how much will be saved annually?

4.  How big were inventory losses last year and how does this compare to the prior year and to industry averages?

5.  Why did general fund transfers for purposes other than debt service drop to $10M last year?

6.  Has there been an increase in alcohol use, especially by teens, and do you have a program educating the public on excessive alcohol use?

7.  There are many reasons for and against privatizing the liquor business in Montgomery County?  The reasons against privatization include:  loss of a $30 million revenue stream; preservation of 350 union jobs, and State law constraints.  Some of the reasons for privatization include the legacy costs associated with DLC’s county government jobs, and the view that selling liquor is not an inherently governmental function.  Can you give us all the reasons against privatization with facts and figures to support your case? 

Next meeting: TBA

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