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Did you know

Fortune 500 companies choose VA, not MD

We recently did a little research into the number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Maryland and Virginia.  Of the total of 24 in the two states, three are headquartered in Maryland – all three in Bethesda (Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, and Host Hotels and Resorts). The other 21 are in Virginia – of which 10 are across the river from Montgomery County.

Who says Maryland is business friendly?




Did you know: Health Benefits

…. that if you are a federal employee and are a taxpayer in Montgomery County, you will likely be envious of the health benefits of your counterparts who work for the county and the school system. Here’s why:

Federal employees pay around 30% of their health care premiums; county employees pay from 20 – 24%, school employees pay from 5 – 10%

Federal employees pay a hospital admission fee, deductibles, a percentage of diagnostic tests costs and surgical fees; county and school employees pay no hospital admission fee, no deductibles, no diagnostic testing costs and no surgical fees.

Federal employees pay $65 for a 90-day supply of name brand medications; county and school employees pay from $5- $10 for name brand medications ordered through the mail

Federal employees have 2 classes of health care premiums (self and family); county and school employees have 3 classes of health care premiums (Self, self+1, and family)

Federal part-time employees and county part-time employees pay a higher percentage of their health care premiums than full-time employees, school part-time employees pay the same percentage as full-time employees

FINALLY, under the new health care bill federal health care plans will not qualify for the “Cadillac Tax” but health care plans for county and school employees will!