Phantom COLA Repealed

On April 27, 2010, Joan Fidler, the MCTL President testified to the County Council to support the repeal of the phantom COLA (Expedited Bill 16-10, Personnel – Retirement – Imputed Compensation Limit) Madam President and members of the Council, thank you for the opportunity to testify against the continuation of the phantom or “ghost” COLA…

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Testimony of MCTL President Joan Fidler to the Council

On April 5, MCTL president Joan Fidler testified to the County Council on the proposed FY 2011 operating budget for Montgomery County. Thank you for this opportunity to present our recommendations on the County Executive’s proposed budget for FY 2011. And we know that what Mr. Leggett proposes, the Council can choose to dispose. I…

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Budgets to the Moon

The Washington Post astutely notes: Yet if the recession-era budget Leggett proposed Monday is approved, total government spending will have gone up by $423 million, or 11 percent, on his watch. Read the full article at the Washington Post »

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