Montgomery County Taxpayers League

The Voice of Taxpayers of Montgomery County, Maryland

Who We Are

The Montgomery County Taxpayers League
Montgomery County, Maryland

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President – Joan Fidler
Vice President – Ed Amatetti
Secretary – Vacant
Treasurer – Gordon Brenne


Ed Amatetti
Gordon Brenne
Joan Fidler
Carol Placek
Lew Winarsky

Honorary Member

Phil Andrews, Former Member, Montgomery County Council


What We Do

The object of the Montgomery County Taxpayers League is to educate and advocate for county taxpayers. We support appropriate actions to achieve greater efficiency and economy in the government of Montgomery County and tax equity for Montgomery County taxpayers and communities.

The League holds monthly meetings to which everyone is invited.We have a presentation by local officials on topics which have an impact on the county’s finances and consequently our taxes.

We also take part in various public meetings.

We testify at county hearings on the budget and other matters affecting taxes.

We have letters and articles published in local newspapers.

We give radio and television interviews.

We provide information to radio, television and newspaper reporters.

We meet with County officials including the County Executive, members of the County Council, member of the School Board of Montgomery County Public Schools, administrative staff members and senior officials in various areas of county government.

We meet with influential members of the county.

We communicate with other organizations in the county and state on topics affecting our taxes.

We serve as volunteers on several county committees.

We do our own research on areas of county government.

We cooperate with other civic associations.

We invite everyone to become members of the League and help us advance our goals.


Updated September 8, 2018