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“Is MoCo Becoming a Second-Class County?”

From an article by Adam Pagnucco in “For years, county leaders have viewed the county’s budgetary, legislative and regulatory policies as separate from economic development. Let’s look at some of what our county has done. We have had nine major tax hikes in 16 fiscal years. We have led the region in passing costly…

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County’s Dark Economic Prospects

According to new report from the County Council’s Office of Legislative Oversight (OLO) the county faces a difficult fiscal path ahead.  Basically, income will not be enough to cover expenses.  About 88% of the county’s programs are financed by income taxes and property taxes.  Income taxes can’t be raised because the rates are at the…

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Budget cutting coming up?

From  “The county, [legislative analysts Craig Howard and Aron Trombka] explained, was able to avoid a budget shortfall between 2014 and 2019 largely due to two factors—a sharp drop in retirement costs and additional revenue resulting from council’s vote to increase property taxes by nearly 9 percent in 2016.”    

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