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Improved Properties Are Not Being Reassessed Properly

Unimproved property taxpayers are subsidizing more expensive, improved property owners.  How big is the under-assessment problem?  A 2017 report estimates that Montgomery County’s residential property assessment base would be $2.7 to $3.6 billion higher, resulting in an additional $140M in annual property tax revenue. Read the report by Gordie Brenne and Carol Placek    

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County Debt Is Serious Problem

From The Seventh State of February 21, “Over the last eight years, the county’s debt has been growing by more than 5 times the rate of inflation….Relative to the size of the population, the debt has been rising too.  When we compared the county’s total debt levels to population estimates from the U.S. Bureau…

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Accountability in Education Act: MCTL View

  Testimony sent to the Senate Education, Health and Environment Affairs Committee SB 302 – Accountability in Education Act of 2018 February 8, 2018 The Montgomery County Taxpayers League supports SB 302 – but with major reservations. The premise of the bill makes eminent good sense – the establishment of an Investigator General (IG) at…

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