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“Md. resident says WSSC rates discriminate against large households”

From the Washington Post of July 29, 2015: “A Maryland utility that charges higher per-gallon rates for homes that use more water discriminates against larger families, a Montgomery County resident alleged in a recent complaint to a state panel. “The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission prices water based on consumption…The more water people use, the higher…

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Liquor Business in Montgomery County – The Case for Privatization

At a hearing before the Montgomery County Council July 21, 2015, on the subject of privatizing the sale and distribution of liquor MCTL Vice-President Gordie Brenne testified in favor of getting the county out of the liquor business.  His testimony described MCTL’s concerns that the current system is a declining cash cow, imposes extra economic…

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“Montgomery is staying in the booze business”

An article by Gordon Brenne, Vice-President of the Montgomery County Taxpayers League, appeared in The Washington Post of July 19, 2015: “The Office of Legislative Oversight estimates that privatization would yield one-time proceeds of $66 million to $76 million. That’s enough to avoid busting the charter limit on property tax increases next year.”    

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