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Maryland Public Policy Institute Proposes “Rain Tax” Alternatives

From a research report published by the Maryland Public Policy Institute February 26, 2015: “The BRF [Bay Resoration Fund] reports in its 2015 Annual Status Report that $290 million had been transferred to the General Fund over the years to temporarily bridge gaps in the state budget. The money was replaced, but with General Obligation…

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President Fidler’s Letter in the Washington Post

The letter of Joan Fidler, president of the Montgomery County Taxpayers League, was published in the Washington Post of February 23, 2015: “Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) is looking for a better idea for raising revenue for bus rapid transit.  Here is one…why not work with the state to create a state-level infrastructure bank? …

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Feb. 26: Third Annual Budgetpalooza

“Budgetpalooza” is our annual detailed examination of the proposed $2.4 billion operating budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).  Once again, we are partnering with the Montgomery County Civic Federation and the Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County to go through the MCPS Operating Budget chapter by chapter.  We need you to…

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