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“Montgomery’s Rubber-stamp Budget”

From the Gazette of May 29, 2013: The Montgomery County Council passed its next budget Thursday with barely a whisper of discontent, which seems remarkable considering the uncertainty of the economy. Anxiety breeds anxiety, especially when money’s involved.  Read the full story at the Gazette.  

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“Montgomery County unions continuing fighting the wrong battle”

  From the Washington Post of May 8, 2013:   MONTGOMERY COUNTY’S government unions, which for decades amassed powers unique even in the pro-labor state of Maryland, had their wings clipped when the recession forced local officials to roll back privileges — and blatant abuses — that bilked taxpayers and tied the hands of public agencies.…

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“Thousands fail high school math finals in Montgomery”

Are the taxpayers getting their money’s worth from the Montgomery County Public Schools?  From the Washington Post of May 4, 2013:   Recently released figures show failure rates of 62 percent for high school students taking the county’s geometry final and 57 percent for those taking the Algebra 2 exam. Among students taking the same courses…

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