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“Montgomery needs to wean addiction to liquor revenue”

From the Gazette of January 30, 2013: “Montgomery County is the only jurisdiction in the state that sells alcohol as a wholesaler, and the county treasury receives nearly $72 million a year from liquor sales. The sales make the county indirectly culpable to the dangers presented when individuals consume too much.” Read the full story…

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Questions sent to Nancy Navarro in advance of the meeting of January 24, 2013

Questions sent to President Navarro in advance of the meeting of January 24, 2013: 1.  Now that Governor O’Malley has proposed a budget with no tax increases, will the County Council follow suit?  What is your position on “sunsetting” the energy tax?  2.  On assuming the presidency of the County Council, your acceptance speech  mentioned…

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“When will Montgomery stand up to Annapolis?”

From the Washington Post of January 11, 2013, an article by Phil Andrews of the Montgomery County Council: “The county gets back in direct state aid only 19 cents of every tax dollar it sends to Annapolis. Tens of millions of dollars of teachers’ pension costs were shifted to Montgomery taxpayers last year, while the…

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