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Montgomery County Unfriendly To Business?

More than one person has said that Montgomery County is anti-business.  A story in the Montgomery Gazette of January 25 tells about the owner of a beer and wine store who is so far prohibited from having wine tastings.  Read "Kensington’s first beer and wine store faces uphill battle" and then decide for yourself. 

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“Firefighter union wants Montgomery County’s extra revenue”

From the Washington Examiner of January 9, 2012: "Montgomery County's firefighter union wants to reopen negotiations on its current contract after learning that the county will have an estimated $79 million in unanticipated revenue this fiscal year." It should be noted that two-thirds of the county's professional (paid) firefighters do not live in the county.…

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“Montgomery County loses consulting firm to Fairfax”

From the Washington Examiner of January 9, 2012: "Technology and management consulting firm Acentia is moving its headquarters from Silver Spring to Falls Church….The relocation will move 200 employees to and create 60 new jobs in Fairfax County, investing $3.1 million in the process…" Read the full story at the Washington Examiner.

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