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“Embattled tuition program in MontCo gets new rules”

From the Washington Examiner of October 5, 2010: “Montgomery County employees would no longer be able to use taxpayer money for sailing retreats, Bible classes or exotic island getaways under new rules proposed for the suburb’s embattled tuition assistance program…. “Coupled with more than $400,000 in public money county officials say was squandered on steep…

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“Council looks to cut employee salaries, benefits”

From the Washington Examiner of  September 28, 2010: “Montgomery County Council members, after another round of sobering budget news Tuesday, touted a fiscal solution long considered political suicide:  slashing salaries and benefits for county employees.” Read the full story at the Washington Examiner. Our take: This is a grim time for budgets in Montgomery County…

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Personnel-Disability Retirement- Eligibility: Testimony by President Joan Fidler

MCTL Presdient Joan Fidler provided testimony at a hearing September 28, 2010, before the Montgomery County  Council on Bill 45-10, Personnel-Disability Retirement- Eligibility-Total and Partial Incapacity: Thank you for the opportunity to testify in support of Bill 45-10 related to disability retirement.   I am Joan Fidler, President of the Montgomery County Taxpayers League and…

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