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Testimony given Sept. 15, 2010, by Yale Wiesberg, MCTL Treasurer, to the Organizational Reform Commission

Testimony given Sept. 15, 2010, by Yale Wiesberg, Treasurer of The Montgomery County Taxpayers League, to the Organizational Reform Commission: “The Montgomery County Taxpayers League appreciates the Organizational Reform Commission allowing us to comment on our recommendations to save the County millions of dollars to address the structural deficit between $600 million – $1 billion.…

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“Maryland firefighters funding Montgomery races to support union brothers”

From The Washington Post of September 8, 2010: “Firefighters from Baltimore and Prince George’s County have been pouring money into Montgomery County council races, adding last-minute support to local union brothers who lost out on large raises this year because of Montgomery’s budget squeeze. “Ross Goldstein, deputy administrator of the Maryland Board of Elections, said…

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