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“Who really controls the Montgomery schools”

From a letter of July 25 to the Washington Post by Laura V. Berthiaume,  Member, Montgomery County School Board: “What the critics miss is who really controls the school system: the superintendent and the entrenched, unaccountable bureaucracy, who make almost all the real decisions.” Read the full article in the Washington Post. Our take: When…

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“Fairfax schools undercut Montgomery on costs”

From the Washington Examiner of July 18, 2010: “For the 2009-10 school year, the cost per pupil in Montgomery County was nearly $15,500, up from about $8,500 in 1999-2000.  In Fairfax County, the cost was about $12,900, up from $8,200 a decade earlier.” Read the full story at the Washington Examiner. Our take: While comparisons…

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